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The Eco Stock Difference

We are not just another waste company.  Our expertise and focus on the nature and volumes of waste produced gives you the ability to focus on preventing waste and ensuring the waste you do produce has a value attributed to it.

Our high levels of service and compliance ensure that you can have peace of mind that your brand and standards are maintained, and in fact enhanced by sustainably dealing with your waste.

Our customers

We may not be a household name, but we work with the household names to support their brands.

Our blue-chip customers include major food manufacturers such as Goodman Fielder, Pepsi-coNespresso, Griffins and Nestle, among others.

We also collect and / or recycle surplus food from supermarkets, supporting our waste management partners in providing a sustainable solution.

Why use us?

We offer our customers the following benefits:

  • Timely removal of surplus food and food waste, thus helping to keep your site tidy and compliant.
  • Full traceability of waste, supported by secure destruction to protect your brand.
  • Regular reporting of the waste collected, helping you focus on waste prevention which has a much better return on investment than disposal.
  • Cost effective solutions, by offsetting the costs of collection with the value of the recycled food.
Types of surplus food handled

We can provide suitable bins and an appropriate transport solution recovering:

  • Production Food Waste
  • Packaged Goods
  • Liquid/syrup Wastes
  • Chilled/frozen Goods
  • Palletised Goods

We also specialise in one-off collection, bulk removal and certified destruction.

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About us

At Eco Stock we deliver environmental and financially beneficial solutions for surplus food products by recycling these into stock feed.

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